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Beyond Tucson: Adventures in the Multiverse on Amazon

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Beyond Tucson: Adventures in the Multiverse

Volume One in the Beyond Tucson anthology series

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Fly from Tucson to a space bar and a mysterious island, rescue a timelost godmother, experience the secret life of a cat, be forever changed by a bug on a windshield, run with the coyotes, share chocolate with a lizard, and learn why the Djinn operate a Tucson cab service. While you're at it, keep an eye out for loose tongues.

Then leave Tucson behind to ponder whether we are figments of God's imagination, do battle alongside Dante in Hell and Purgatory, rescue refugee elves, run away with two magical orphans, find out what a Cynch is, discover the surprising abilities of a preteen spy, and follow the life and death of a demigod.

Beyond Tucson: Adventures in the Multiverse includes two novelettes by Mâvarin author Karen Funk Blocher:

"The Jace Letters." An eleven-year-old girl gets an email from her godmother, weeks after Aunt Sandy disappears in a car crash in Sedona. Or was it Roswell? Sandy needs Jace to rescue her from a strange imprisonment.

"The Boy Who Saw." Two orphaned boys become friends as they run away to Mâton, hoping to enroll at the Citadel College of Magic. As they make their way across Mâvarin, they must use their nascent abilities as they encounter a villainous innkeeper, the ghost of a local lord's missing daughter, and a dying duke.

Beyond Tucson: Adventures in the Multiverse also features stories and poems by:

  • Jessica Barnes
  • Ann Bauer
  • Meghann Caskey
  • Charles J. Coffey
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Billy Hernandez, Jr.
  • Erik Hertwig
  • CA Morgan
  • Joni Parker
  • Jessica Priester
  • G. Chris Stern
  • J M Strasser
  • G. E. Zhao

$14.95 on Amazon and at selected outlets in Tucson. 362 pages.

Coming in 2019: Beyond Tucson: Peak Experiences. Our second anthology, set in the mountains around Tucson.


map by Sara Cosgrove and KFB

Introduction to Mâvarin

Welcome to Mâvarin, where circumstance, choices and magic can turn a person into someone very different. Human to tengrem, villager to royalty, friend to foe, daughter to mother, magician to trader... the one thing you can count on in Mâvarin is that people change, one way or another.

The question of what makes us who we are lies at the heart of my trilogy, Heirs of Mâvarin, and the trilogy that follows it, Mages of Mâvarin. Mâvarin is an "otherworld" equivalent of the Eastern United States. It is a place where magic works (for some people and against others), but literal monsters didn't exist until a generation ago. Most of all, it is the home of Rani Fost and his two best friends: Del Merden and Del's twin sister Crel. Their respective journeys have more to do with self-discovery than with surviving magic and treachery, finding a lost king or getting back to where they need to be - although there's plenty of that, too.

The prophecyThe first trilogy, Heirs of Mâvarin, was under contract with a publisher, which has since expired. The search begins shortly for another publisher. One way or another, all three volumes should be available in ebook and dead tree editions before 2019 is over.

A prequel novelette, "The Boy Who Saw," appears in the new anthology Beyond Tucson: Adventures in the Multiverse, now available in electronic and trade paper editions. I also have a science fiction novelette, "The Jace Letters," in the same anthology.

More books about Mâvarin are in various stages of preparation. Mages of Mâvarin is about 95% written, which is to say that I'm still tinkering with it. (Leonardo DaVinci said, "Art is never finished, only abandoned.") I've also written a few scenes for the prequel, To Rule Mâvarin, and for a further sequel, tentatively titled The Mâvarin Revolutions. (The weekly serial Mall of Mâvarin, which appeared in two of my blogs in 2005, is most likely apocryphal.) I am determined that these books, my life's work, will be published. These characters deserve no less.

This site is perpetually under construction, with a one-person crew that seldom shows up for work. It will eventually include a better map, more background information on the setting and history of Mâvarin, and more information on the writing of the books. It will also be updated with publication info as the books go to press. The heart of the site is the character pages, which can be accessed below from a gallery of character drawings by the well-known sf/fantasy artist Sherlock. Some of these have apocryphal letters or journal entries by the characters, which do not appear in the books themselves.

Thanks for looking!

What is a tengrem?

Roughly twenty years before the events of Heirs of Mâvarin, the mage Calezundi experimented on human beings to create a six-limbed monster called a tengrem. Inspired by legendary monsters of the Old World, Calezundi gave his tengremen equine bodies, bear-like upper torsos, lupine heads with a single horn on the forehead, fire breath, human speech and intelligence (at least intermittently), and a highly variable, often savage temperament. Once a human becomes a tengrem, he or she will never be fully human again. However, the person can assume human form (and have a calmer, more stable mind) with the use of a personalized magic necklace from a hidden lake. The necklaces aren't easy to get, and are easily stolen.

A tengrem. Art by Sherlock.

Most tengremen live in Gathmak, a forest in southern Mâvarin. There they do the bidding of the mages of Mâton, hoping to earn their necklaces and their freedom. Recently, however, an insane tengrem has left Gathmak, heading north with a talisman that could change everything--for the tengremen, for a teenaged boy named Rani Fost, and for the land of Mâvarin itself.

Meet the Mâvarinû (and one Mâtonan)
Click on a name or a face for info on that character.
Art by Sherlock
Fayubi the SeerCrel Merden, a.k.a. Cathma SelevarDel Merden, a.k.a. Carli Selevar
 Fayubi the Seer        Crel / Cathma        Del / Carli
Rani Fost and Rani LunderDarma, a.k.a. Darsuma
Lady Shela Cados of Odamas     crazy old King Jor    Baku Dener, caravan leader
Shela Cados        King Jor        Baku Dener
Li Ramet, also Liru the portal mageRutana, Mistress of Doors and MusicPrince Talber Edmon Jon Verjul of Londer
Li Ramet / Liru     Rutana      Prince Talber

A Note About Character Names

A significant portion of Mages of Mâvarin takes place in an alternate universe version of Mâvarin, Sanlodal and Londer. Virtually everyone in Cathma's Mâvarin has a counterpart in that other reality, but not necessarily with the same name. In addition, certain characters undergo name changes as their own identities change over time. Alternate names, if any, are listed on the individual character profile pages. Sorry for the confusion, but it's thematically important! Also, being a parallel world, it sometimes has names that look or sound like names in our world. It was bound to happen: don't worry about it.

The Mâvarin Series

As of June 2019, the projected series is as follows:
  • Fabi Stok, age 10 and Hasi Goreg, age 8.The Boy Who Saw - a prequel, not intended to be the first volume read. Appears in the anthology Beyond Tucson: Adventures in the Multiverse (published October 2018). 40 years before the events of The Tengrem Sword and about 20 years before the events of To Rule Mâvarin, it follows the adventures of two young orphans, Fabi and Hasi, as they try to reach the Citadel College of Magic after the sudden death of Fabi's parents.
  • To Rule Mâvarin (also called A Prince of Mâvarin) - a prequel, not intended to be the first volume read. I've only written about a chapter of it so far. It will detail the troubled relationships between Lore (later Lormarte), her sister Jere, the doomed future queen Genva, and young Prince Jor.
  • Heirs of Mâvarin. Originally intended as a 170,000 word novel, this is now a 209,240 word trilogy, and is intended to be read first. When Rani Fost encounters a tengrem and disappears, Del Merden sets off to find and help his best friend. His twin sister Crel is then uprooted from her home and sent to Thâlemar, Mâvarin's capital city. While on their separate journeys, each twin comes to realize that they aren't the people they thought they were. Faced with arrest, poisoning and other dangers, they must adapt to their new identities, learn to distinguish friend from foe - even when the answer keeps changing - and quite possibly restore the kingdom in the process. The three novels are
    • The Tengrem Sword
    • The Road and the City, and
    • Castle in the Swamp.
  • DarsumaMages of Mâvarin is also a trilogy. It is about 95% written, and currently being revised. A young mage adept, Darsuma, comes to Mâvarin and befriends Rani before the evil influence of her dead mother causes her to very nearly destroy the lives of most of our major characters. The three volumes are as follows:
    • An Adept in Mâvarin
    • Another Mâvarin
    • Return to Mâvarin
  • The Mâvarin Revolutions - is intended to be the last book (or possibly trilogy) in the series, although this could change at some point. Like the prequel, it is in the very early stages of being written. The government of Mâvarin is destabilized in two worlds as one monarch dies, and others are distrusted due to their relationships with friends and loved ones.

Sampling Mâvarin

In 2005 my all-fiction blog, Messages from Mâvarin, had a weekly serial, Mall of Mâvarin, set several months after the events of Mages of Mâvarin. It's not the serious work that the novels are, but it does feature many of the same characters. The same blog once featured the first two chapters of an earlier draft of Heirs of Mâvarin (serialized in in early 2006, but no longer available online), numerous works of Mâvarin-related short fiction (2004-present), and brief excerpts from To Rule Mâvarin and The Mâvarin Revolutions. Whatever I haven't taken down can be reached from the Messages from Mâvarin sidebar. Please note that the samples bear only a passing resemblance to the current drafts.

Other Pages about Mâvarin:

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