Karen's LOL Dogs
Because Dogs Don't Get Enough Attention Online

I generally don't do the lolcat dialect, because I suck at it and I would hope that my dogs, if they ever learned to read and write, would learn to spell properly. With that caveat, here's my gallery of loldogs!

This page is dedicated to Tuffy Toro, who was put to sleep on August 1, 2008, due to complications from metastasized squamous cell carcinoma (cancer of the tongue).

Tuffy sez no cats plz

Tuffy lapses into LOL-speak, July 2007 (photo June 2007)
Right: Tuffy liked cheese, usually, July 2007

Tuffy liked cheese.

Pepper dreams of the day when she learns to use the remote.

Pepper (adopted March 2008) and Tuffy, April 2008
Whatever is happening, oh, I'm ready! (Tuffy)

Tuffy would rather bury it than eat it. April 2008.
Pepper is antisocial, April 2008

Tuffy and Pepper, April 2008.

I'm ignoring you. (Tuffy) I'm the dog! (Cayenne to Pepper)

Left: Tuffy, Spring 2008.

Right: Ireland (later renamed Cayenne) in the yard
with Pepper for the first time, August 2, 2008.

Best friends...until there is food. (Pepper and Cayenne)
Cayenne to Pepper: Let's play!

It's not an easy relationship, but they're working on it!
Pepper and Cayenne, August 2008.

Pepper is just the little sleepy dog. Trust her.

Don't bet on it! Pepper, August 2008
Pepper isn't so sure she likes Cayenne's antics.

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