Li Ramet

of the Thâlemar Guard

Li Ramet
Art by Sherlock

First Appearance: Heirs of Mâvarin, Chapter Five

Trivia: Li is uncomfortable around horses.

Quote: “Do you ever get the feeling, right after you read something, or listen to a selmûn storyteller, that the whole world around you is a little different because of what you just read or heard?”

A broken home and divided loyalties have helped to make Li Ramet a conscientious but insecure young man. His father is Pol Ramet, retired Captain of the Thâlemar Guard and an old friend of Jami Baret. His mother is Rutana, a portal mage who also does magic through music.  Li's brother is Barselti, a transformation mage. Rutana and Barselti are both estranged from Pol, but Li still lives in his father’s home.  A member of the Thâlemar Guard, Li is painfully aware of his inability to live up to his father's impossible standards.


“Unreliable” Li

Crel wanted to tell him, about the ring and Jamek’s story, all of it, but she stopped herself.  “Do you consider yourself—‘unreliable?’” she asked instead.

Li frowned.  “You’ve been talking to my father.  No, I don’t, but he thinks I am.”


“I knew Bari was running away to Mâton, and I didn’t tell him,” Li said.  “Also I’m still friendly with my mother, and Father doesn’t like it.”

“Oh!” Crel said.  She had assumed Li’s mother was dead.  “Where is she?”

“Here in Thâlemar.  She’s a mage, an independent one,” he said proudly.  “That’s the other reason I wanted to talk to you.  I don’t work tomorrow, and I was wondering if you’d like to go and meet her.”

Crel had almost decided to trust Li.  But meet a mage?  Li’s mother was a mage?  It was just too much, especially after Fayubi’s oblique warning.  Still, Li wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.  Probably his mother wouldn’t, either.

“Can I think about it, and let you know tomorrow?” Crel asked.

--from Heirs of Mâvarin, Chapter Five

Liru the Portal Mage

(born Li Ramet)

First Appearance: Mages of Mâvarin, Chapter Twenty-Four

Trivia: Liru is even better at portal magic than his mother, the otherworld Rutana.

Quote: “I told you that you might need my services.  I just didn’t expect to be needed quite this soon.”

Li Ramet’s otherworld counterpart followed his mother into magic rather than his father into the Guard. His father, Pol Ramet, died about a year before the events of Mages of Mâvarin. Liru is a little defensive about the other Li Ramet’s actions and motives.

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Introduction and Sample Scene from Mages of Mâvarin

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