Mages of Mâvarin

by Karen Funk Blocher

Sample scene, continued:


Sample Scene from
An Adept in Mâvarin

Chapter Two:
The Graduate


“Father,” she said calmly, with a brief nod. Sunestri had a propensity for sudden, magical arrivals. Darma assumed that his purpose was as much to intimidate as communicate, maintaining his status as the one person on Mâton that everyone--from master mages to farmers to his only surviving relative--feared. It was a fear Darma preferred not to show.

She looked at him, steadily but politely. As usual, he wasn’t really there. Darma could see the bushes through him. She wasn’t impressed. She had learned to do the same at the age of seven.

 “I saw what you did this morning,” Sunestri said. “Good work.”

Darma shook her head. “Master Durtani did it. I only helped a little.”

“Don’t be modest. How many specialties does that make now? Seven? Eight?”

Portal magic was her twelfth specialty, but Darma chose, as always, to minimize her accomplishments around Sunestri. “Something like that. Once I truly master portal magic, that is. I don’t think I could do it on my own yet.”

“Of course you could. Darsuma, it is time, past time, for your Robing.”

It was what every other student wanted, but the prospect filled Darma with panic. “But I’m not ready! There are six Masters here I haven’t studied with yet.”

Her father laughed. “True, but you’ve worn out the other nineteen, and fulfilled the advanced study requirements several times over. Most mages only ever achieve two specialties. Even I have but five of them. Would you stay in the nest seeking to gain them all? You are needed elsewhere.”

That didn’t sound good. Darma had always hoped that her first assignment as an adept would be at the school, teaching under the supervision of one of the Masters. “I’m needed elsewhere? Where?”

Sunestri looked at her. His eyes were calculating, and there was something almost feminine in the curve of his smile. “How would you like to be Queen of Mâvarin?” he asked.


Introduction and Sample Scene from Heirs of Mâvarin

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