A Note on Religion and Magic in Mâvarin

by Karen Funk Blocher


The characters in the Māvarin novels express a wide variety of religious and non-religious beliefs and disbeliefs, some of which involve the concepts of spirit and magic. The author wishes to make it totally clear at the outset that nothing in these novels should be construed as an endorsement or criticism of any particular “real world” belief system or its practitioners. There is a Māvarin equivalent of Christianity, which in a very general way reflects the author’s personal beliefs. However, our reality doesn’t operate in the same way that Rani’s realities do, so no exact parallel can or should be drawn with regard to specific theological concepts. Nor does the existence of magic in Māvarin imply that magic exists in our reality, much less endorse its use.

The Māvarin books are fantasy novels. They take place in a fictional world in which magic works. The books therefore feature characters perfoming acts of magic, including divination. Such behavior is not evil per se within the context of the fantasy genre in general, or of this setting in particular. Rather, it is the purpose and effect of an act of magic that determines its morality or immorality. The same basic principles that underlie the moral teachings of most major religions (such as the Golden Rule) can and should be applied to these characters, although some specific prohibitions, precepts and practices found in certain real world religions may be different or absent in Mâvarinû ones.

By the same token, it is to be assumed that God's interactions with this fictional world have been historically similar to events in our world, but not identical. In other words, Jesus has a different name in Mâvarin, and a different date and place of birth.

The concept of "spirit" in Mâvarin is set up more to serve the needs of the story than to postulate the "real" characteristics of nature, mind, soul, spirit and other related concepts. Take it with a grain of salt.

For the record, I am a parishoner at the Episcopal Parish of St. Michael and All Angels, so yes, I am a Christian. I personally do not believe in magic, only miracles (and not necessarily in every miracle ever claimed to exist). I do, however, believe that other people have a legitimate right to conduct their own search for the truth, and will very likely draw different conclusions from mine, particularly in the details. Anyone interested in my personal philosophy and religious background can find them on my Credos and Curios page.


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