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by Karen Funk Blocher

[PQL members, particularly new members, frequently ask that I recommend particular back issues of  The Observer for them to order. As editor, I can't honestly tell them which to buy first, partly because they are all special to me, and partly because different fans have different priorities. A leaper who is interested in all aspects of the show may particularly enjoy the interviews with writers and other behind the scenes people, while others may be primarily interested in Scott Bakula or in Dean Stockwell. I have therefore compiled the following guide and index to the first twelve issues of  The Observer, so that readers can choose issues according to their own particular interests. To save space, four of the most frequently credited writers/interviewers are abbreviated as follows: KFB = Karen Funk Blocher, TAM = Tracy Ann Murray, TM = Teresa Murray and BF = Bing Futch. I have also omitted most news and editorial columns.]

The Observer #1 - January 1991

Cover: Goldenrod cover with black diagonal bar, copied from paperwork at Senate committee hearing in "Honeymoon Express." Only text on it: Project Quantum Leap.


  • Quantum Leap Sets Destroyed a report on the Universal fire (BF)
  • Stockwell Recycling Campaign Begins (TAM)
  • Keep Those Letters Coming In! (Mary A Schmidt)
  • Review: Scott Bakula in Sibling Rivalry  (KFB & TM)
  • A Short History of Project Quantum Leap (KFB)
  • Leaping In Behind the Lens: encounters with real people, on and off the set [various]
  • Overheard at UCLA: questions asked after the mikes were turned off [Joan Dodson]
  • UCLA Q&A: 11/26/90 the actors and executive producers speak! [transcribed by KFB]
  • Review: Dean Stockwell on The New Twilight Zone [TM]
  • Filmography: Dean Stockwell Films, Part 1: 1945-1951 [TM]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season One in depth (KFB)

The Observer #2 - Spring 1991

Cover: six primitive screen captures (best I could do in 1991) of the Mr. Little promo. "Recently I have received a few letters from fans of Quantum Leap, demanding I move it back to its original Wednesday night time slot. Listen, I run this network. Do you know what I have to say to the fans of Quantum Leap? [buried in avalanche of letters] You win!"


  • Bowling for Leapers: report from the wrap party [BF]
  • Stockwell's Soapbox: Saving the Ozone (TAM)
  • Leaping into Fashion: the infamous Committee for a Scott Bakula Suit satire [The Fashion Observer]
  • Interview: Paul Brown & Tommy Thompson [KFB & TM]
  • Survey: Who Are You and Why? [TAM]
  • Captain Galaxy Plays Tennis with Stars: Richard Herd interview [TM]
  • Hitchcock Theater Q&A, 2/25/91: the actors and exec producers speak! [various]
  • Filmography: Dean Stockwell Films, Part 2: Young Hollywood Rebel , 1957-1968 [TM]

The Observer #3 - Summer 1991

Cover: tan or beige, with photo of Richard Herd and Scott Bakula as Captain Galaxy and Future Boy. "In this Issue: The Adventures of Captain Galaxy! Plus: A Special Spotlight on Dean Stockwell! Welcome to the Future!"


  • Survey Results (Part One): Who We Are and Why! [TAM]
  • Leaping Out of Fashion - the Fashion Observer replies to critics
  • Interview: Richard Herd [KFB and TM]
  • Scott Bakula in Texas / Scott Bakula in Chicago [Julie Barrett and KFB]
  • Dean Stockwell at I-Con [Candyce Nathanson-Goldstein]
  • Dean Stockwell Speaks I-Con Q&A [transcribed by Nancy Rapaglia]
  • Stockwell's Soapbox [TAM] plus Dean's U.S. Senate testimony
  • Filmography: Dean Stockwell Films, Part 3: 1970-1983 [TM]
  • The Dean Stockwell Star: An Update [TM]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Two, Part One [KFB]

The Observer #4 - Winter 1991-2

Cover: fake Time Magazine cover, with Scott photo by Nancy Rapaglia. "THE NEXT EINSTEIN - A scientist and an ex-astronaut team up to ask: is Time, not Space, the final frontier?" First printing had red border on cover.


  • Survey Results (Part 2): Our Favorite Things[TAM]
  • Interview: Tommy Thompson [Joan Dodson & Kris Arnold]
  • VQT: The View From Table 5 [KFB]
  • The View From L.A.: An L.P.O.'s Story [BF]
  • Interview: Beverly Bridges [KFB & TM]
  • Filmography: Dean Stockwell Films, Part 4: 1983-1988 [TM]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Two, Part Two [KFB]

The Observer #5 - Spring 1992

Cover: Dean photo from Leap Day 1992 inside Star artwork. Dean Stockwell: a Star on Earth and in the Heavens, February 28, 1992.


  • Leap Weekend: On the Front Line [BF]
  • Leap Weekend: Another Angle [Julie Barrett, Dr. Joyce D. Hatcher etc.]
  • Leap Weekend: A Side View [TAM]
  • Book Review: Time Tripping [Ann Raymont]
  • Video Review: Necessary Roughness [TM]
  • Film Review: The Player [TM]
  • Interview: Chris Ruppenthal [BF; transcribed by Ann Raymont]
  • Survey Results, Part 4 [TAM]
  • Interview: Dennis Wolfberg [TM and KFB]
  • Stockwell's Soapbox: the Earth Summit [TAM]
  • Filmography: Dean Stockwell Films, Part V: Not Just Al [TM]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Three, Part One [KFB]

The Observer #6 - Summer 1992

Cover: photo of Scott in glasses with leap effect painted in. How do we know he's not Sam Beckett?


  • Interview: QL FX wizard Roger Dorney [BF]
  • Sam Beckett and Thomas Magnum [Brigitte Scherer]
  • Interview: QL Guest Star Phil Fondacaro [TM, KFB & Rosie Geonnotti]
  • Report: Prodigy and the P* Leapers [Patricia L. Stone]
  • Editorial: When Fans Go Too Far [KFB]
  • Necessary Roughness Redux: an alternative review [Regenia Marracino]
  • The Big Three Q&A: Scott, Dean & Don 3/1/92 [transcribed by Miriam Cooper & Dr. Joyce Hatcher]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Three, Part Two [KFB]

The Observer #7/8 - Winter 1993

Cover: photo of Scott Bakula in his trailer, Sept 1992. Double issue counts as two issues for ordering purposes.


  • Sammy Award Winners
  • Project Calla Lily: a report [KFB], press releases [Julie Barrett & KFB], a reply [Warren Littlefield] and a newspaper article [Walt Belcher]
  • The Death of Leap One and Other Stories: the story behind the interviews (KFB)
  • Interview: Scott Bakula [TM & KFB]
  • Interview: Diamond Farnsworth [TM & KFB]
  • Interview: Lydia Cornell [TM & KFB]
  • Interview: Joe Napolitano [TM, KFB et al]
  • Survey Results, Part 5: essays by leapers [compiled by TAM]
  • Scott Bakula - The Story So Far (Part One:) a preliminary biography [Ann Raymont]
  • An Introduction to Scott Bakula on TV (KFB)
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Three, Part Three (KFB)
  • Answers to Common Questions about Quantum Leap [KFB, Nancy Henderson & Gillian Eldridge]

The Observer #9 - Summer 1993

Cover: Sgt Leaper, our most ambitious cover to date. Photo montage on glossy stock, replacing all those people and objects from the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album cover with QL actors, producers, writers, directors, fans, etc. On the drum: Dr. Beckett's Lonely Hearts Club Band.


  • Canceled! - truth and speculation (KFB)
  • About the Cover: An explanation and contest (KFB)
  • Scott Bakula - The Story So Far (Part Two) a preliminary biography [Ann Raymont]
  • Stockwell's Soapbox: At Joy's Request [Nancy Henderson]
  • Don Bellisario Explains "Mirror Image" [Adina Ringler]
  • Report: Second Annual Quantum Leap Convention (KFB)
  • Interview: Chas. Floyd Johnson [TM, KFB & Marjorie Dufek]
  • Interview: Robin Jill Bernheim (KFB; transcribed by Shari Ramseur]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Part One (KFB)

The Observer #10 - Summer 1994

Cover: file folders of Sam and Al, stamped MISSING, "From the files of Project Quantum Leap"


  • Key to the "Sergeant Leaper" Cover (KFB, TM & Jon Balenzano]
  • A Quantum Leap Writer--Almost [Marla J Hayes]
  • Stockwell's Soapbox: Ozone and Orange Juice [Nancy Henderson]
  • An Evening With Scott Bakula: 1993 VQT banquet report [Martha Peplinski]
  • Letter From A Leaper [actress Nicole Dubuc]
  • Interview: James ("Bingo") Walters (KFB & TM]
  • Interview: Deborah Pratt [TM, KFB et al]
  • Interview: Guest Stars of "Killin' Time" [TM; transcribed by Ruth Calkins]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Part Two (KFB)

The Observer #11 - Winter 1995

Cover: photo montage from the pilot. "It's 1995. Do you know where your quantum physicist is?"


  • Dennis Wolfberg: a tribute (KFB)
  • The Writing & Sale of Quantum Leap: A-Z: [Julie Barrett]
  • Stockwell's Soapbox [Laurie Farber]
  • Sammy Awards Results [TAM]
  • Interview: Deborah Pratt (Part 2) (TM, KFBet al)
  • Interview: John Cullum [TM; transcribed by Ann Raymont]
  • Interview: John D'Aquino [MC]
  • Interview: Guest Stars of "Lee Harvey Oswald" [TM; transcribed by KFB]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Part Three (KFB)

The Observer #12 - Summer 1995

Cover: photo montage, Leaping through the career of Scott Bakula


  • Anyone Can Whistle [Heidi Sanchez]
  • Close Encounters In Ventura County [Cathy Madden & Cathleen Miller]
  • Stockwell's Soapbox [Nancy Henderson]
  • Close Encounter at LeapCon '95 (KFB)
  • Interview: Mark Bannon of Crescendo Records [David T. Okamura, KFB et al]
  • Q&A: Harriet Margulies -IndyLeap '94 [transcribed by Marcia Mahan]
  • Q&A: Rich Whiteside IndyLeap '94 [transcribed by Margaret Colchin]
  • Interview: Willie Garson of "Lee Harvey Oswald" [TM; transcribed by TAM]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Part Four (KFB)

The Observer #13 - Winter 1996

Cover: photo montage on blue stock, Still Leaping After All These Years


  • Stockwell's Soapbox: Speak Up and Count [Laurie Farber]
  • Close Encounter with Dean Stockwell [Davina J Pereira]
  • Close Encounter With Scott Bakula Pts 1 & 2 & 3 [KFB & Sharon Major & Carol Zara]
  • Close Encounters with Oscar Wilde Pts 1 & 2 [Myrna Davis and Sue Greening]
  • Interview: Mary Gordon Murray [TAM; transcribed by Marcia Mahan]
  • Interview: Michelle Joyner [TAM; transcribed by Marcia Mahan]
  • Interview: Gregory Millar [TM]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Part Five (KFB)

The Observer #14 - Summer 1996

Cover: photo montage, Saluting half a century of Dean Stockwell on film


  • Stockwell's Soapbox: Is There a Future for Chlorine? [Laurie Farber]
  • Diary from Accelerate '96 [Davina J Pereira]
  • Report from Accelerate '96 [Penny Jeffrey]
  • Q&A: Beverly Leech [transcribed by Margaret Colchin]
  • A Guide to Scott, Dean & Don on Video [KFB et al]
  • QL Episode Guide: Season Four, Concluded [KFB]
  • Guidelines for Contributors to The Observer [KFB]

The Observer #15- Spring 1997

Cover: beige, first page of bogus newsletter of the League of Electrically Altered Persons (LEAP), with two "paintings" by Herbert "Magic" Williams and beginnings of articles by two other Waiting Room visitors


  • Stockwell's Soapbox: What Comes From That Nozzle! [Laurie Farber]
  • Interview: John D'Aquino [Margaret Colchin & Marcia Mahan]
  • Quantum Leap Around the World (Wide Web) [Mary Anne Espenshade]
  • A Guide to Scott's Theater Credits [Dawn McLevy]
  • A Guide to Scott, Dean & Don on LaserDisc [KFB]
  • The (Pen)Ultimate QL Episode Guide: Season Five, Part One [KFB]

Grouped by Subject:

Interviews - Actors

  • Scott Bakula #7/8
  • Lydia Cornell #7/8
  • John Cullum #11
  • John D'Aquino #11, #15
  • Phil Fondacaro #6
  • Willie Garson #12
  • Richard Herd #2, #3
  • Michelle Joyner #13
  • Guest Stars of "Killin' Time" #10
  • Guest Stars of "Lee Harvey Oswald" #11
  • Gregory Millar #13
  • Mary Gordon Murray #13
  • James ("Jamie") Walters #10
  • Dennis Wolfberg #5

Interviews - Writers and Producers

  • Don Bellisario Explains "Mirror Image" #9
  • Robin Jill Bernheim #9
  • Beverly Bridges #4
  • Paul Brown & Tommy Thompson #2
  • Chas. Floyd Johnson #9
  • Deborah Pratt #10-#11
  • Chris Ruppenthal #5
  • Tommy Thompson #4

Interviews - Others

  • Mark Bannon of Crescendo Records #12
  • FX wizard Roger Dorney #6
  • Stunt Coordinator Diamond Farnsworth #7/8
  • Director Joe Napolitano #7/8

Question & Answer Sessions:

  • Scott, Dean, Don, Deborah & Michael Zinberg UCLA, 11/26/90 #1
  • Scott, Dean, Don & Deborah Hitchcock Theater, 2/25/91 #2
  • Scott, Dean & Don first QL con, 3/1/92 #6
  • Beverly Leech #14
  • Harriet Margulies IndyLeap '94 #12
  • Dean Stockwell I-Con Q&A #3
  • Rich Whiteside IndyLeap '94 #12

Filmographies, Videographies, etc.:

The (Pen)ultimate Quantum Leap Episode Guide

  • Season One #1
  • Season Two #3-4
  • Season Three #5-8
  • Season Four #9-14
  • Season Five #15-

Dean Stockwell - The Films

  • Part 1: 1945-1951 #1
  • Part 2: Young Hollywood Rebel, 1957-1968 #2
  • Part 3: 1970-1983 #3
  • Part 4: 1983-1988 #4
  • Part 5: Not Just Al #1989-1992 #5

An Introduction to Scott Bakula on TV #7/8

A Guide to Scott's Theater Credits #15

A Guide to Scott, Dean & Don on Video #14

A Guide to Scott, Dean & Don on LaserDisc #15


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