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Hi there! I know you're disoriented at the moment, but hang in there and I'll do my best to help you get your bearings. Where are you? Well, that's a tricky one. We call it the Waiting Room.

Okay, I admit it. You're not really in the Waiting Room at Project Quantum Leap in Stallion's Gate, NM, looking up at Verbeena Beeks from inside the illusion of the physical aura of Dr. Sam Beckett. It's just a metaphor. This is actually the former home page of the fan club Project Quantum Leap, not the fictional Project. It's called The Waiting Room because even the fastest browsers took forever to load anything back in 1996 when this page was first uploaded on AOL.com.

What is Project Quantum Leap?

Project Quantum Leap is the main US-based club for the 1989-1993 tv series, with members literally all over the world. I was a co-founder of the club, Project Chairman and the first editor of its newsletter/fanzine, The Observer. However, I have long since ceased contributing to the club or The Observer, which continue to thrive in the capable hands of Margaret Colchin and Sharon Major, respectively. Check out http://www.projectquantumleap.com/ for current info.

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Now what do we play?

That's up to you.  Here's a quick guide to the rest of this web site.  At any given time, some but not all of the following material will be available from this page:



[Image] My New Mexico Adventure  [Image]


Here are a few of the illustrations from The Observer #16 cover story, in which I detail my quest to find the "real" Stallion's Gate, New Mexico:



Forgotten Face

by Karen Funk Blocher

Where have I been? I hardly know.
Memories come; memories go
As I leap from life to life.
Was I a man? Had I a wife?

Al would know; he seems to keep
Track of events that often sleep
Hidden away in my leap-addled brain,
Perhaps to emerge when I leap again.

I think this time I was a man
Who loved his wife but had no plan
To avert calamity;
So God--Fate?--Time? then sent for me.

I remember happiness,
But not her face. I have a guess:
I saw dark beauty in the night
And put my names to her starlight.

Will her face return to me?
Is there a chance I'll never be
Loved once more in my own name?
This love by proxy's not the same.

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