Prince Talber

(Prince Talber Edmon Jon Verjul)
a.k.a. the Flying Man(?)

Prince Talber of Londer
Art by Sherlock

First Appearance: Mages of Mâvarin, Chapter Two

Trivia: After Prince Talber, the next person in line for the throne in Londer is his cousin Urstin.

Quote: “Is it a lie if you know something is true and do not say it?  Or is it only a lie if you say something and it is not true?”

Prince Talber is the first person in eight centuries to sail west across the ocean from Londer to Sanlodal, and on to Mâvarin. (This is the geographic equivalent of sailing from England to the United States in our reality.) Even more remarkably, Talber did so in a one man boat, driven on mystic winds, seeking a woman in a drawing. But Talber has come to Mâvarin seeking more than his predestined wife.  He’s also seeking escape from his recent past.

Prince Talber’s Arrival
(from Mages of Mâvarin)

One hundred fifty miles east of Eplimar, the storm was ending.  Only floating wreckage—most of it from the ship’s hull—remained to mark where the Seeker had been.  The impossible doorway still waited between sea and sky.  Its mistress, currently asleep in a canvas chair, would have dissolved it had Fayubi not insisted that it stay open a little longer.  The one-way visibility subritual Rutana had added to the portal spell was about to serve its purpose.

Fayubi watched intently as a tiny sailing vessel came into view through the door frame. The boat carried only one person; a second one could scarcely have fit between the sail and the sea.  With its horsehead prow and triangular red sail it was clearly not a Mâvarinû vessel, and it was just as clearly not designed to sail out of sight of land.  Yet here it was, at least a day from shore were it not for Rutana.  A haggard, exhausted-looking man with auburn hair and a three-week-old beard fought the sail as he tacked toward the doorway.  He wore a leather cloak over a dark green shirt, and tan trousers that dripped with rain.

Fayubi and two burly sailors got into one of the Seeker’s lifeboats and paddled to meet the new arrival. Once the boat made it through the doorway, Fayubi threw a rope, which the stranger caught and tied to the horsehead prow.   Fayubi joined the sailors in their rowing as they towed the smaller vessel onto Rutana’s beach.   The stranger spoke no word of thanks, but nodded and smiled at them before collapsing on the sand.

Awakened by the sounds of the sailors pulling the two boats up onto shore, Rutana stared at the little boat and the man who had sailed it.  “Who in the world is that?”

“That’s the Prince of Londer,” Fayubi said.

-- from Mages of Mâvarin, Chapter Two

Excerpt from Prince Talber’s Mâvarin Journal
(translated from the original Londran by Li Ramet)

At last I am on dry land, but it is a strange land I never expected to visit: Mâvarin. My people have all but forgotten there is such a place, but it is very real, and very different from home.  Everything seems a bit primitive. There is no outdoor lighting, there are no printed books except for woodcuts, and the clothes look rather rough by Londran standards.  Also, there are mages here, doing their  magic openly.  Two of them, Fayubi and Rutana, rescued me from the ocean when I was still many miles from shore.  Rutana has welcomed me into her home, and is teaching me Londran.

I thought for a moment when I met Rutana’s son, Li, that Londran and Mâvarinû were similar languages, but alas, this is not so. Still, I am determined to learn their language as quickly as possible.  Only then will I be able to stand on my own in this new world--once my ankle heals, that is!

I have not seen the woman in my Teacher’s drawing yet. When I do see her, what will I say? After all that has happened, it does not seem fair to ask her to share her life with me, regardless of what destiny says.

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